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So you have some SA football footage on VHS, BETA or S-VHS video? You probably know that video tape has a finite life and that the tape degenerates over time and with each play. The SA Football Video Archive offers conversion of VHS, BETA and S-VHS to DVD. We are able to convert to DVD with excellent results.

This service is offered free of charge. You will get all of your footage converted to DVD. Each DVD will come complete with menus and chapters. If the footage is recorded from commercial television we will edit out the advertisments. The archive gets to keep copies of the footage and it will be added to the trading list and therefore available to others for trade. You may be able to request some games from the Trading List as well. By converting your old tapes to DVD the footage will be preserved for ever. Remember too, if you have minor final or minor round footage on tape it is quite possible that yours is the only copy in existence. Don't wait for it to degenerate any further!

Some further points about video tape and conversion:

  • Although it does degenerate over time we have found that the tape generally holds up very well and it is quite often the case that home recorded tapes hold up better then commercially produced recordings.
  • If you do not have a VHS, BETA or S-VHS player anymore but have footage on video tape we will happily take your tapes and sift through them for you.
  • Sometimes old tapes have been snapped, chewed or the end of the tape may have come unstuck from the spool. Don't throw these tapes away. Tapes with these issues can often be fixed.

To take advantage of this service click here to contact us. Let us know what you have and we will discuss how we can organise to collect the tapes. All tapes will be returned once conversion is completed.

The video below, the entire 1976 grand final, is an example of our conversion service.

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