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The state games listed here run in chronological order. New games added will be marked as such. To watch a video on a larger separate page click "YouTube" on the right-hand bottom of the video window.

1958 State Game Victoria 25.17.167 d South Australia 7.7.49
Highlights of this match played at the MCG. Part of the ABC "Flashback" series hosted by Phil Cleary.

1961 State Game South Australia 15.17.107 d Tasmania 14.16.100
Highlights of this match played in Brisbane. Part of the ABC "Flashback" series hosted by Phil Cleary.

1964 State Game South Australia 18.11.119 d Western Australia 16.10.106
Highlights of this match played at Adelaide Oval. Part of the ABC "Flashback" series hosted by Phil Cleary.

1965 State Game South Australia 12.11.83 d Victoria 3.1.19

Cleary to John Nicholls: Did you hate the South Australians as much as they hated Victorians?" Nicholls: "That wasn't possible".

Highlights of this match played at Adelaide Oval. Part of the ABC "Flashback" series hosted by Phil Cleary.

1966 State Game South Australia 14.7.91 d Tasmania 9.13.67

This was Neil Kerley's final appearance for South Australia.

The first video is part of the ABC "Flashback" series hosted by Phil Cleary. The second video contains 14 minutes of straight highlights from this game which was played in Hobart. 

1969 State Game South Australia 15.17.107 d Western Australia 14.11.95

Highlights of this match played at Adelaide Oval. Part of the ABC "Flashback" series hosted by Phil Cleary. Interestingly, the WA side contained two players who would go on to be SANFL stars, John Wynne and Tony Casserly. South Australia received 32 frees to Western Australia's 19!

Goals - SA: Molloy 4, Phillis, Oatey, Chessell 2, Marker, Robran, Nygaard, Birt, Day. WA: Robertson 4, Cable 3, Walker 2, Astone, Chadwick, Brehaut, Wynne, Casserly.

Best - SA: Molloy, Adcock, Pope, Colbey, Oatey, Darley, McKellar, Schoff. WA: Cable, Turnbill, McIntosh, Brehaut, Manning, Graham, Smith .       

Crowd: 40,130 at Adelaide Oval.  

1973 State Game Western Australia 11.14.80 d South Australia 8.10.58

Contains the full last quarter of this game played at Subiaco. Western Australia managed to hold off South Australia to score a reasonably comfortable win.

Goals - WA: Troode 3, Couper 2, Cable, Fitzpatrick, Featherby, Melrose, Brehaut, SeniorSA: Von Bertouch 3, James 2, Davies, Cornes, Greenslade.

Best - WA: Featherby, Green, Fitzpatrick, Seinor, Cable, Alexander, Malarkey. SA: Huppatz, Graham, Colbey, Davies, D. Cahill, Von Bertouch, Cornes, Hammond.             

1973 State game Victoria 21.13.139 d South Australia 20.15.135

The video contains almost all of the final quarter of this classic state game in which Jesaulenko kicked 10 goals straight for Victoria. An all time classic and many footy lovers would kill to see the entire match, but unfortunately so far only this footage has come to light. Both teams were studded with stars. Teams and details below:

Coach: Mike Patterson
F: Rick Davies, Max James, Terry Von Bertouch
HF: Peter Marker (c), Barrie Robran, Phil Carman
C: Bruce Light, Bob Keddie, Michael Graham
HB: Russell Ebert, Neil Sachse, Darrell Cahill
B: Sony Morey, Ian Kroehn, Neil Button
Ruck: Dean Farnham, Graham Cornes, Ray Huppatz (vc)
Res: Malcolm Blight, John Wynne

Coach: John Kennedy
F: Alan Martello, Alex Jesaulenko, Leigh Matthews
HF: Allan Davis, Royce Hart (c), David Clarke
C: Keith Fletcher, Neville Fields, Keith Greig
HB: John Pitura, Gary Hardeman, Francis Bourke
B: John Rantall, Geoff Southby. Gary Dempsey
Ruck: Len Thompson, Laurie Richards, Wayne Richardson (vc)
Res: Greg Wells, Barry Lawrence

VICTORIA 8-1 12-9 17-11 21-13 (139)
STH AUST 5-2 9-4 14-11 20-15 (135)
Vic: Jesaulenko W.Richardson Hardeman Greig Thompson Rantall Clarke Martello
SA: Huppatz Keddie Farnham Carman Cornes Marker Robran Morey
Vic: Jesaulenko 10 Hart 3 Clarke 2 Martello 2 Fletcher 2 Fields Davis
SA: Carman 4 Marker 4 Button 2 Huppatz 2 Cornes 2 Farnham 2 James Blight Davies Light

1974 State Game South Australia 14.20.104 d Western Australia 12.12.84

Contains the entire final quarter of this game played at Football Park. 

Goals - SA: Robran, Whelan 3, Carman, Cornes, Von Bertouch 2, Ottens, Davies. WA: George 6, Hayes 2, Spry, Melrose, Monteath, Quartermaine. 

Best - SA: Sachse, Robran, Vivian, Morey, Cornes, Casserly, Colbey. WA: Malarkey, Featherby, Fitzpatrick, Manning, George, Ciccotosto.                 

Crowd: 32,219 at Football Park.  

1975 South Australia 17.16.118 d Tasmania 8.11.59

3 minutes of highlights from this game played at Waverley.

Goals - SA: Bennett 4, Carey 3, Marker, Cahill 2, Dillon, Ebert, Keddie, Cornes, Graham, Woite. Tas: Sutton 3, Mayne, Gaby, Scanlon, King, Daniel.

Best - SA: Colbey, Marker, Keddie, Bennett, Davies, Woite, Cochrane, Ebert. Tas: Tschirpig, McConnon, Scanlon, Hywood, King, McLeod.         

1980 South Australia 19.21.135 d Victorian Football Association 15.15.105

Highlights from the 1980 SANFL versus VFA match from 1980 which was played at Football Park. The match was a tough affair which South Australia failed to dominate as expected.
The game is remembered by many because of an all-in brawl which appeared to have been started by the actions of Ralph Sewer. The brawl starts at 19.20. 

Goals - SA: Jonas 5, Davies, Ebert 3, Evans, Sewer 2, Morris, Kennedy, Norsworthy, CunninghamVFA: Smith 6, Wells 3, Davidson 2, Halbert, Ryan, Cook, Collins.

Best - SA: Phillips, Gallagher, Davies, Jonas, Morris, Ebert, Giles, Williams. VFA: Burt, Wells, Gilmore, Smith, O'Sullivan, Wright.  

Crowd: 9,468 at Football Park.              

1980 State of Origin Victoria 15.12.102 d South Australia 12.13.85

Victoria took out the Championship of Australia with this win at Football Park. Contains the complete match plus pre-game analysis. For reasons best known to the SANFL the goal squares were painted with the Union Jack, the same as they were for the 1980 grand final. SA lead by 15 points at the 17 minute mark of the third quarter. In the last quarter SA received 2 frees to Victoria's 10, with the majority of those awarded by SA umpire Bob Scholefield who got a torrid send-off under police protection after the game.

Graham Cornes won the Tassie medal for best player over the carnival and Rick Davies was named All-Australian captain. 

Goals - Vic: Templeton, Bartlett 3, Moncrieff, Flower, Jess 2, Sheldon, Raines, Turner. SA: Roberts 4, McSporran 2, Cornes, Heinrich, Davies, Taylor, Phillips, James..

Best - Vic: Southby, Flower, Lee, Nankervis, Raines, Turner. SA: Cornes, Davies, phillips, McSporran, Kuhlmann, Williams.                 

Crowd: 17,579 at Football Park.  

1981 State Game Western Australia 21.30.156 d South Australia 10.9.69

7 minutes of highlights from this match at Subiaco as WA give SA a good going over. Western Australia kicked 16 of the last 19 goals of the game, after South Australia lead by a point during the third quarter!

Goals - WA: Ralph 4, P. Krakouer, Carter, Sewell 3, Buckenara, Delmenico, Simms 2, J. Krakouer, Johnson. SA: Naley 3, Evans, Hately, McSporran 2, Wright.

Best - WA: Buckenara, J. Krakouer, Johnson, Carter, P. Krakouer, Neesham, Sutton. SA: Carey, McSporran, Fry, Craig, Heinrich.                 

Crowd: Approximately 17,000 at Subiaco Oval.  

1982 State of Origin Victoria 21.13.139 d South Australia 18.11.127

The entire "Big Replay" program featuring 10 minutes of the 3rd quarter and the entire final quarter. The game was played in front of a capacity crowd at Football Park. This game was a tight tussle; scores were level at the 28 minute mark of the last quarter.

Goals - Vic: Templeton 7, Healy 5, Wilson, Wiley, Cloke 2, Hawker, Buhagiar, Turner. SA: Copping 5, Naley 3, Abernethy, Rendell, Johnston, Hodgeman 2, Craig, Platten.

Best - Vic: Wilson, Buhagiar, Moore, Templeton, Turner, Rawlings. SA: Copping, Phillips, Abernethey, Naley, Stemper, Johnston.                 

Crowd: 40,339 at Football Park.  

1982 State Game South Australia 29.23.197 d Western Australia 12.9.81

Contains over 26 minutes of the first half of this game which was played at Football Park. The first of 2 games between these states in 1982. This was SA biggest ever winning margin over WA. After the game WA coach Mal Brown said "I am looking forward to our match in Perth next month. I don't believe SA is that good". This was to be proven correct.

Goals - SA: Evans 8, Sewer 6, McGuiness, Platten 3, Naley, McAdam, Fry 2, Weston, Belton, Phillips. WA: Ralph 5, Shaw 3, Judge, Moss, Richardson, Taylor.

Best - SA: Weston, Riley, Sewer, Carey, Aish, Phillips, Naley, Evan, McGuiness. WA: Shaw, Taylor, Ralph, Richardson.               

Crowd: 27,283 at Football Park.  

1982 State Game Western Australia 21.18.144 d South Australia 8.5.53

Another big loss to South Australia in Perth. The video contains over 35 minutes of this match which was played at Suibiaco Oval. This game was played a month after South Australia beat Western Australia by 116 points at Football Park. So the winning margin of 91 points in this match equated to a 207 point turnaround in a month.

Goals - WA: Richardson 4, Malaxos, Ralph 3, Harper Taylor, Monteath, Ironmonger 2, Palm, Edwards, Fong. SA: Platten, Naley 2, Jenkins, Weston, Aish, Laughlin.

Best - WA: Taylor, Hardie, Panizza, Barett, Michael, Holden, Ellis. SA: Phillips, Riley, Platten, Hughes, Carey, Aish.                 

Crowd: 15,360 at Subiaco Oval.  

1983 State of Origin South Australia 26.16.172 d Victoria 17.14.116

South Australia finally broke through for a win against "The Big V!" Contains the entire game.

Goals - SA: Lindner 5, Bradley, Kernahan, Motley 3, Naley, Aish, Platten, Schneebichler 2, Thomas, Copping, McAdam. Vic: Flower 4, Daniher, Wilson 3, Madden 2, Smith, Marcou, Cunningham, Ashman, Hawker.

Best - SA: Aish, Bradley, Motley, Giles, Craig, Lindner, Thomas, Rendell. Vic: Flower, Daniher, Serafini, Wilson, Rowlings, Madden.                 

Crowd: 42,521 at Football Park.  

1984 State Game Western Australia 14.14.98 d South Australia 14.13.97

Contains over 70 minutes of this match which was played at Football Park. Famous game where SA missed a number of easy opportunities in front of goal. With scores tied up the final siren sounded but was not heard by the umpires. A few seconds later WA kicked a point which was allowed to stand. 

Goals - WA: Bosustow 3, Hardie, Hart, Holmes, Keene 2, Wiley, Daniels,Langsford. SA: Aish, Kernahan 3, Roberts 2, Bradley, McGuiness, Schneebichler, Marshall.

Best - WA: Rance, Carter, Malaxos, Hardie, Langsford, Daniels. SA:  McIntosh, Aish, Carey, Bradley, White, Marshall.                               

Crowd: 26,649 at Football Park.  

1984 State of Origin Victoria 16.12.108 d South Australia 16.8.104

Contains all four quarters of this famous game played at Football Park. Victoria just get over the line, despite Stephen Kernahan's 10 goal haul for South Australia. Also includes post-match interview with Victorian coach Jeans.

Goals - Vic: Salmon 5, Daicos 3, Buckley 2, Wilson, Johnston, Hawkins, Evans, Moore, Madden. SA: Kernahan 10, Roberts 4, Motley, Schneebichler.

Best - Vic: Daicos, Johnston, Buckley, Tuck, Wilson, Salmon. SA: Kernahan, Platten, Roberts, McIntosh, Bradley, White, Motley, Craig, Johnston.                                       

Crowd: 53,445 at Football Park.  

1985 State of Origin Victoria 20.13.133 d South Australia 11.10.76

Contains the complete match which was played at Football Park in front of 42,289 people. Victoria way too good with Weightman kicking 6 and Ablett and Merrett 4 goals each. Kernahan and Roberts each kicked 3 goals for South Australia.

Goals - Vic: Weightman 6, Ablett, Merrett 4, Van Der Haar 3, Brereton, Healy, Harvey. SA: Kernahan, Roberts 3, Redden 2, Antrobus, Platten.

Best - Vic: Weightman, Lee, Merrett, Greene, Raines, Daniher, Mew. SA: Motley, Leslie, Campbell, MacIntosh.                                          

Crowd: 42,289 at Football Park. 

1985 State Game South Australia 30.18.198 d Western Australia 16.15.111

Contains the complete game. One of the best South Australian state sides ever assembled gave Western Australia a football lesson at Subiaco. Check out some of these names: Blight, Aish, Anderson, Antrobus, A. Jarman, Lindsay, McIntosh, Motley, Naley, Kernahan, Platten, Carey, McDermott. Amazing, especially when you consider this was not a state of origin match!

Goals - SA: Kernahan 7, Blight 6, Cousins4, Platten 3, Thomas, Bradley, McDermott 2, Campbell, Redden, Naley, McIntosh. WA: Sidebtoom, Waterson, Bairstow 3, Mitchell 2, Wrenstead, Richardson, Cousins, Scott, Browning.

Best - SA: Kernahan, Bradley, Platten, Motley, Blight, McIntosh, Bubner, Whittlesea. WA: Mitchell, Langsford, Waterson, Bairstow.                              

Crowd: 25,881 at Subiaco Oval..  

1986 State of Origin South Australia 18.17.125 d Victoria 17.13.115

Contains the complete footage of this match which was played at Football Park. 

Goals - SA: Dietrich, Kernahan 4, Platten, Naley 2, Aish, Fielke, McDermott, McGuiness, Thomas, M. Williams. Vic: Salmon 4, Brereton, Clark, Poole 3, Harvey 2, Weightman, Williams.

Best - SA: Anderson, Kernahan, Bradley, Naley, Aish, McDermott, Lindsay, Salisbury, Bolton. Vic: Harvey, Clark, Walsh, Williams, Salmon, Brereton, Alvin, Poole. 

Crowd: 43,143 at Football Park.  

1987 State of Origin South Australia 12.13.85 d Victoria 11.15.81

Contains the entire match which was played under lights at Football Park. The game is a heart-stopper with SA just able to hang on against fast-finishing Victoria.

Goals - SA: Lindner, Naley 4, McDermott, McGuiness, Mandemaker, Stretch. Vic: Ablett, Brererton 2, Larkin, Lockett, Meldrum, Murphy, Osborne, Roos, Royal.

Best - SA: McDermott, Naley, Rogers, Lindsay, Stretch, Platten, Lindner, Rendell. Vic: Langford, Murphy, Roos, Healy, Meldrum, Royal, Osborne. 

Crowd: 41,685 at Football Park.  

1987 State Game South Australia 18.16.124 d Western Australia 9.9.63

Contains the entire match. This game was played under lights at the WACA and won very easily by South Australia.

Goals - SA: Gibbs 4, Lamb 3, Mandemaker, Aish, 2, Anderson, Harris, Hart, D. Jarman, Paynter, Lindsay, Taylor. WA: Hutton 3, Waterson 2, Breman, Goulding, Peake, Thorne.

Best - SA: A. Jarman, Aish, McDermott, Lindsay, Anderson, Burgess, Phillips, Carey, Abernethy, Taylor, D. JarmanWA: mcKenna, Brown, Kickett, Watson, Goulding, Menaglio.

Crowd: 7,200 at the WACA.  

1988 State of Origin South Australia 12.8.80 d New South Wales 8.11.59

Contains the entire match which was played under lights at Football Park. Also includes a post match interview with Graham Cornes and post match analysis.
This game includes a very rare player count. A count of the NSW players was ordered by SA coach Cornes after 2 NSW interchange players ran onto the field to take part in a brawl.

Goals - SA: D. Jarman 4, Mandemaker 3, Bennett, Paynter Sporn 2, Aish, Anderson, A. Jarman McDermott. NSW: Wright, T. Daniher, Morwood, Thripp, Carroll.

Best - SA: McGuiness, Payze, Kernahan, Bradley, Platten. NSW: Wright, T. Daniher, Morwood, Thripp, Carroll.

Crowd: 5,755 at Football Park.  

1988 State of Origin South Australia 15.12.102 d Victoria 6.6.42

Contains footage of this complete match as South Australia claimed the National Championship title by flogging Victoria at Football Park. 

Goals - SA: Kernahan 6, Hall, Platten 3, Lindner 2, McDermott. Vic: Morris 2, Osborne, Royal, Salmon, Weightman.

Best - SA: Leslie, Mickhan, Platten, McIntosh, Kernahan, McDermott, Bubner, Aish, Hall, NaleyVic: Roos, Healy, Silvagni, Madden.  

Crowd: 19,000 at Football Park.  

1988 State Game South Australia 17.17.119 d Western Australia 11.13.79

Contains the complete match which was played under lights at Football Park.

Goals - SA: D. Jarman 4, Mandemaker 3, Bennett, Paynter Sporn 2, Aish, Anderson, A. Jarman McDermott. WA: macNish, Pyke 2, Allan, Barich, Durack, Melesso, O'Connell, Rioli, Waters..

Best - SA: A. Jarman, Phillips, D. Jarman, Redden, Aish, Sporn, McDermott. WA: O'Sullivan, Allan, Lewis, Rioli, Macnish, Dick, Roe.  

Crowd: 18,339 at Football Park.

1988 Vancouver Western Australia 18.14.122 d South Australia 17.13.115
Contains the entire game which was played in Vancouver, Canada. The small size of the field meant the teams were reduced to 15 players aside. The artificial surface forced all players to wear knee pads. The game is very fast and free flowing and exciting, with the outcome still uncertain in the final minutes. Sadly for South Australia and Glenelg, Chirs McDermott suffered a serious knee injury during this game.

1989 State of Origin Victoria 22.17.149 d South Australia 9.9.63

Contains this entire match which was played in front of almost 92,000 people at the MCG. Also includes post-game interview with Victorian coach Billy Goggin. A star-studded Victorian line-up puts SA to the sword in the MCG quagmire. Tony Hall does his knee after being tackled by a Hawthorn team mate.

Goals - Vic: Lockett 5, Dunstall 4, Brereton 3, Bruns, Daniher 2, Murphy, Scott, Weightman, Bews, Watson, Pritchard. SA: Kernahan 4, Smith, D. Jarman 2, Lindner.

Best - Vic: Brown, Pritchard, Madden, Daniher, Bruns, Dunstall, Lockett.  SA: A. Jarman, Kernahan, Bradley, Stretch, Whittlesea.                

Crowd: 91,960 at MCG.

1990 State Game South Australia 17.19.121 d Western Australia 14.16.100

Includes the entire match (played at Football Park) as well as pre-game and post-game analysis and analysis during each of the breaks. SA was expected to win this easlily as WA had many players ineligible owing to the formation of the fledgling West Coast Eagles. However, the game was very tough and tight with SA only pulling clear in the final minutes. 

Goals - SA: Lamb 5, Jacovich 4, Hart 3, Smart, 2, Fielke. WA: Barlett3, Cormack, Hodyl, Mitchell, Ogg 2, B. Collard, Strempel, Thorne.

Best - SA: A. Jarman, Lamb, Lee, Thompson, Abernethy, Redden, Smart. WA: Evans, Palm, Edwards, Hodyl, B. Collard, C. Collard, Thorne.    

Crowd: 21,231 at Football Park.

1991 State Game Western Australia 17.20.122. d South Australia 11.12.78

Contains this entire match with was played at Subiaco. The first interstate match post the formation of the Adelaide Crows.

Goals - WA: Hutton 5, Kickett, Hodyl 3, Mitchell, Passeri 2, Retzlaff, Norrish. SA: Murphy 3, Naley 2, Banfiels, Bennett, McIntyre, Payze, Smith.

Best - WA: Retzlaff, Breman, Kickett, Hodyl, Passeri, Hutton. SA:  Naley, Smallridge, Redden, Banfield, Murphy, Tasker.                   

1991 State of Origin Victoria 12.14.86 d South Australia 11.4.70

Contains complete footage of this game played under lights at Football Park.

Goals - Vic: Madden 4, Couch, Harvey 2, Burke, Lowe, Lyon, Weightman. SA: Maynard 4, D. Jarman, Kernahan 3, McGuiness.

Best - Vic: Roos, Brown, Couch, Madden, Weightman, Mitchell, Langford, Ezard, Harvey.  SA: Mickan, Anderson, Bradley, Leslie, Maynard, McAdam.                

Crowd: 37,227 at Football Park. 

1992 State of Origin South Australia 19.19.133 d Victoria 18.12.120

Contains complete footage of this match played at Football Park. Also includes post-match presentation of the Malcom Blight Cup to SA captain Chris McDermott as well as lap of honour and interviews with Stephen Kernahan  and Teddy Whitten. Wayne Carey made his only State of Origin appearance for SA and starred in what was an awesome contest. Also features the famous "Tony Hall Pocket" goal.

This version is much superior to the offically released (but no longer available) VHS version of this game. Unlike that version this version includes slow motion replays and, as an added bonus, post-match TV news reports.

1993 State of Origin South Australia 19.13.127 d Western Australia 13.7.85
Contains this complete match. Played at Football Park it was part of the carnival to decide the champion state of Australia. The winner, SA, went on to play and beat VIC in the final at the MCG.

1993 State of Origin Final South Australia 16.13.109 d Victoria 14.13.97
 Contains complete footage of this classic game played at the MCG. Also includes pre-match analysis, post -match presentations and news reports. This was the final of the carnival held to decide the champion state of Australia. "The day SA kicked the Big V off the MCG!" Also the first time SA had beaten Vic on the MCG since 1964.

1994 State of Origin South Australia 11.9.75 d Victoria 10.13.73

Regarded as one of the greatest Aussie Rules games ever played.This contains the entire game as well as pre-match entertainment (the occasion was used to mark the 20th anniversary of Football Park)  and post-match interviews.

1995 State of Origin Victoria 18.12.120 d South Australia 8.9.57
Contains this entire game which was played at the MCG on a very cold, windy day in front of 64,000 people. This match is most remembered as the "Ted Whitten farewell game". The video includes the moving lap of honour for Whitten that took place prior to the game. The Victorians were seriously fired up for this game and South Australia really never looked like a chance to win.

1997 State of Origin Victoria 13.15.93 d South Australia 12.13.85
Contains the entire match which was played at Football Park. Includes interview with Stephen Kernahan.

1999 State of Origin Victoria 17.19.121 d South Australia 10.7.67

The last State of Origin game ever played. Contains this entire match which was played at the MCG.

Goals - Vic: Harvey 5, Lloyd 3, Lappin, Johnson, Hocking 2,Thompson,Smith, Everitt. SA: Francou 2, Holland 2, James 2, McRae 2, Bradley, Daffy.

Best - Vic: Harvey, Hocking, Johnson, King, Campbell, Smith. SA: McKay, Bradley, Francou, Ricciuto, Pickett, Hart.  

Crowd: 21,231 at Football Park.

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