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Frequently asked questions

Q: Why has this website been set-up?

A: It is an unfortunate fact that barely any historic SANFL footage is commercially available. Therefore, there is a need to provide a central point to facilitate trading of such footage. The aims of the site are listed in full,  on the home page.

Q: Are games available for sale?

A: This site is a trading site. Games listed are for trade only, they are not for sale.

Q: How does the trade system work?

A: Trading is easy. Simply click here to email the archive and let us know two things:

1. What footage you have to offer for trade.

2. What you would like in return. You can choose from the available games listed on the Trade List page. 

Q: How much can I ask in return for my footage?

A: Well, that depends. There are no hard and fast rules. Each trade is done by negotiation, but if you have footage that is not on the list we will likely be keen to secure it and will happily trade more than one game for your one unlisted game.

Q: What do you do with the footage?

A: Well firstly, we sit back, relax and watch it. Whilst doing this we reminisce about a time when footballers (not just athletes) played football and when there were real characters in the game. When footy was rugged and the SANFL was the number one game in town. When a "record" was a 12 inch disc that you dusted off before placing on a turntable and when you could actually work out who was playing centre half-forward. When 50,000 used to cram into a stadium called "Football Park" and watch SA take on and usually beat the Vics. When..... well, you get the picture.   Once we are done watching and reminiscing we list the footage here and make it available for trade. In this way we hope we will gradually build up an archive of historic footage that might otherwise be lost forever. After all, VHS and BETA tapes only last so long! 

 Q: What sort of games/footage are you interested in?

A: Basically anything that is not on the list. We are particularly keen to get minor round and minor final footage dating up to and including the 1990's.

Q: In what format does the footage come?

A: All footage traded from this site comes on DVD. Where the footage is of highlights only, more than one game may be included on a single DVD. All DVD's have menu pages and chapters. For example, a typical full match DVD will have the following chapters:

Pre-match, First Quarter, Second Quarter, Third Quarter, Fourth Quarter, Post Match/Interviews.

Where necessary, for quality purposes, DVD's are double layer to ensure quality (double layer DVDs play on all normal DVD players). All DVD's will be in 16:9 ratio aspect (widescreen format).

Q: I don't have a DVD player. Can you supply footage on VHS tape?

A: Yes, we can. But you will need to show your pension card!

Q: I have some footage to trade but it is on VHS or BETA video. Is this any good?

A: Most certainly, yes! We are able to convert VHS, BETA and SVHS to DVD easily, with excellent results. VHS or BETA tapes generally hold up very well over time. In fact, we have found that home recorded tapes usually hold up better over time than commercially produced tapes. So, if you have footage on video tape, do not hesitate to contact us, even if you have a box of tapes and are not sure what is on them we will happily look through them for you. Oh, and if you have recorded from commercial TV, we will even edit out the commercials for you!

Q: I have some footage but it is already on the trade list. Is this of any interest to you?

 A: It may still be of interest. Contact us to discuss. It could be that your footage is in better condition than ours or it may be slightly different. For example, there are different versions of some of the grand finals, some feature player interviews and post match celebrations, others do not.

Q: How do trades take place?

A: For straight DVD trades, trades are normally done via Australia Post. VHS or BETA video can also be posted, although for more than one or two this gets expensive. Pick-up and delivery can be arranged, depending on location and other circumstances. There are no hard and fast rules and this is sorted on a case by case basis.

Q: I have nothing to trade but I really want some of the games you have listed! What can I do?

A: Simple really, find some footage! Ask around, there are lots of people that have old video tapes sitting around in sheds and storage cupboards. This is where some of the real gems are found!

Q: Are there any SANFL/State games and associated footage available commercially?

A: 2010 SANFL games are available for purchase    here. Presumably 2011 games will also be available. There are also a limited amount of State of Origin games available for purchase here.   Unfortunately, there is very little other SANFL/State game and associated footage available. To the best of our knowledge, all games and footage listed for trade on this website are not available commercially. We have deliberately excluded some that is, for example the Glenelg Football Club sells DVD's of the 1973, '85 and '86 grand finals here. These games have been deliberately excluded from this site. Please advise if you are aware of any footage listed on this site is commercially available and it will be removed.









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